Our work with contracts covers a wide spectrum of agreements used in business. Those contracts range from non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), engagement letters, services agreements, licenses, master service agreements (MSAs) and many, many others. We work with you to: i) understand your business and ‘what’ it’s selling, then ii) use that information to develop the library of contracts that will help you sell your products/services and limit your business’s liability.

Including with our contracts work are a number of license-related agreements. As you know, virtually every company today relies on technology as part of its service infrastructure. That technology includes software licenses. If your business is the ‘consumer’ of the technology services, we help you understand what those licenses mean for your business. This includes determining the scope of any indemnities, protections for claims of intellectual property (IP) infringement, warranties and acceptance testing. Likewise, if your business is the ‘provider’ of the technology-based services, we help your business document the license of the services to your customer.

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